2016 National Technical Honor Society Inductees

The mission of the National Technical Honor Society is to honor student achievement and leadership in career and technical education, promote educational excellence, award scholarships, and enhance career opportunities for the NTHS membership.

We are proud to present over 40 new inductees and returning students into NTHS:

New Inductees

Student Name Sending School CTE Program
Meline Avrigian Haverford Medical Careers
Christopher Berardi Marple Newtown Computer Networking & Digital Forensics
Colleen Bradley Garnet Valley Medical Careers
Isaac Celwyn Haverford Medical Careers
Jennifer Chamberlain Marple Newtown Health Sciences
Sehyun Cho Radnor Medical Careers
Elizabeth Cordone Haverford Medical Careers
Devon DelFranco Marple Newtown Medical Careers
Jessica DePalma Haverford Medical Careers
Amy Diep Springfield Medical Careers
Diana Dunn Penncrest Medical Careers
Kimberly Eckenrode Ridley Medical Careers
Courtney Elcock Haverford Medical Careers
Mariah Bille Strath Haven Dental Technology
Audrey Ellison Haverford Medical Careers
Robyn Fahy Garnet Valley Medical Careers
Alyssa Figueiredo Springfield Medical Careers
Kala Fili Haverford Medical Careers
Nicole Foster Penncrest Cosmetology
Alex Greene Haverford Medical Careers
Gabrielle Gsell Garnet Valley Culinary Arts & Food Service Management
Lea Hart Penncrest Medical Careers
Megan Heppard Springfield Medical Careers
Umou Jalloh Pennwood Medical Careers
Mekensy Keener Garnet Valley Medical Careers
Robert Klug Haverford Medical Careers
Amanda Langan Marple Newtwon Medical Careers
Taylor Lawley Cardinal O’Hara Cosmetology
Lily Lo Haverford Medical Careers
Claudette Mapes Upper Darby Culinary Arts
Graham McAllister Marple Newtown Computer Networking & Digital Forensics
Sophie McKeand Haverford Medical Careers
Emily McMillan Haverford Medical Careers
Liam Mulvany De Valente Haverford Medical Careers
Diana Nguyen Marple Newtown Dental Technology
Jarett O’Boyle Haverford Apple Systems & Design
Roisin O’Sullivan Springfield Medical Careers
John Parrucci Haverford Culinary Arts & Food Service Management
Amy Pham Academy Park Medical Careers
Mark Powers Chichester Emergency & Protective Services
Lattana Sithara Academy Park Medical Careers
Jesly Solaman Springfield Medical Careers
Marissa Spiller Marple Newtown Medical Careers
Bree Steinmetz Garnet Valley Cosmetology
Sydney Verdi Haverford Medical Careers
Tiffany Walker Pennwood Health Sciences
Isaiah Washington Chichester Medical Careers
Dinushi Wickramasinghe Radnor Medical Careers
Michelle Wijaya Radnor Medical Careers
Alanna Woody Chichester Health Sciences

Returning Members

Student NameĀ  Sending High School CTE Program
Emma Bass Strath Haven Health Sciences
Sithira Ediriweera Garnet Valley Apple Systems & Design
Stephanie Farnsworth Sun Valley Building Trades
Ryan MacNeal Garnet Valley Computer Networking & Digital Forensics
Morrese Morrison Upper Darby Computer Networking & Digital Forensics


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