John Laganosky

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John Laganosky, Class of 2006, Electrical Construction Technology

John Laganosky is a Production Foreman and Safety Officer for the Philadelphia Electrical Equipment Company (PEECO), a company that has established worldwide leadership in the power generation and control industry.

John graduated in 2006 from the DCTS Electrical Construction Technology program.  During his senior year, he participated in the Cooperative Education program where he began working for PEECO. “My first project was working with high voltage distribution cables. The CO-OP program really makes the difference. It gets you out into the world, offering so much more than you can learn in a classroom,” he explained.

John spent two years working for a Native Corporation in Alaska.  It’s an incredible experience for young professionals, he described. Power generation is extremely important and, in that environment, can mean the difference between survival or not.   “You learn to fabricate and troubleshoot utilizing the resources you have,” he explained, “Your time there is solely focused on work.  It’s scheduled 6 months each year – 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off.  The shifts can be 12, 16, even 24 hours. It’s hard work, but you learn so much.”  He noted that it is a great way for young people to earn and save – they can earn a much higher income working above the artic circle and there isn’t the opportunity or need to spend much while they are there.

When asked about his future, John said, he would like to work at PEECO forever! “I love this company! In a small company, you get to experience different kinds of projects and opportunities. You cannot afford to be ‘just an electrician.’ I have learned a lot about communications, networking and a variety of engine mechanics. I will also be an OSHA trainer,” he said. There are approximately 17 people on staff at PEECO, which has grown to be an international company customizing power generation, switch and control systems in every facet of industry, from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers to national defense. “I have had opportunities to travel.  I’ve worked on such a variety of jobs,” he said, “Everyday is something different. I can never have a job I didn’t like.”