Katharina Webster

Alumni Spotlight - KW 2011

Katharina Webster, Class of 2011, Medical Careers – Lankenau Medical Center

Katharina Webster is a nursing student at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University. When comparing colleges, Katharina found the Case University’s program unique in that it placed high value on intensive practical training – starting student clinical experience the second week of freshman year. She spends four hours a week on a MedSurg floor of Case’s University Hospitals. She also spends nine hours per semester providing health education programs to local elementary school children.

Katharina described her experience, “After only about a month of clinical, I have already given numerous bed baths, transferred patients, taken a couple of vital signs, and watched a CT scan. I have surprised myself in my level of confidence doing these things so early on into my program.” Katharina plans to graduate with a BSN. While she has plenty of opportunity for career exploration, she is interested in Pediatric ER. After a few years experience as a Registered Nurse, she may further her education as Nurse Practitioner.

“From a young age, I always knew I wanted to be involved in the medical field,” said Katharina. She had several interests, considering Physical Therapy and NICU, but didn’t have a specific direction. She said, “I applied to the DCTS Medical Careers program knowing that even if my specific interests changed, having a background in the medical field would help me. While others were turned away after finding out that we would have to wake up about an hour earlier to make it to the hospital on time, I knew that this would be something extremely positive that would help me further my career.”

Katharina described how the DCTS Medical Careers program prepared her for college. “I was immediately shocked by how much my experience in DCTS has helped me,” she said, “ My clinical instructor has asked me multiple times how I knew the answer to one of her tricky questions.  I explained that I already learned much of what we are learning this year. I feel much more comfortable in the hospital setting, as  I spent a great deal of time shadowing at Lankenau. I also attribute many of my good grades to having the background knowledge that I learned in Medical Careers.” The merit scholarship she earned from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing has covered about half of her tuition. She adds, “I also feel that having DCTS on my resume helped me to earn a spot in such a prestigious program.”

For students considering attending, Katharina offers, “I would absolutely recommend DCTS to students and their parents. It was truly one of the most fulfilling and educational classes I have ever taken and helped me more than I could have imagined.”