Guidance Department


The Guidance Department provides career and academic counseling. The counselors work with students, districts, faculty and families to enhance the Technical School experience. We assist students in developing career objectives and long-range plans. Post secondary recruiters are regular guests at the schools, and the guidance counselors assist students in SAT registration and preparation.

Diane Rouse, DCTS Aston Counselor 610-459-3050 X206

Kristen Pellegrino, DCTS Folcroft Counselor 610-583-7620 X214

Guidance Programs and Activities

  • National Technical Honor Society – Induction is held in March or April of each year for new inductees.  Students who meet GPA, extra-curricular and volunteer criteria are considered for membership.  Students meeting the criteria will receive an application for admission into NTHS.  For more information on the National orga n ization visit
  • Quarterly Awards Programs – Students who receive student of the quarter, high honors and perfect attendance for the quarter are recognized at an assembly each marking period.  Parents are invited to attend the program in celebration of their child’s achievement.
  • Quarterly Newsletter – School news from both Aston and Folcroft campuses is included in the quarterly newsletter sent home with the report cards each marking period.  Compiled by the counselors information is provided by program teachers to provide updates to parents on the campus activities.


The information disclosed to the DCTS counselors is held in strict confidentiality with several exceptions:

  • A potential danger to themselves
  • A potential danger to others
  • A potential incident of child abuse

Within these circumstances the guidance counselors will notify administration and appropriate community/law enforcement agencies or parent/guardians of the students in question.

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program, SAP, is a way to identify high risk students who are having school-related problems because of alcohol and drug use or who are at risk of suicide and other emotional, social, and mental health problems.  It is a confidential method for intervening and referring students to appropriate community services.  It is an intervention, not a treatment program.  Confidential referrals can be given to the counselor and the referral will be forwarded to the home school of the student for further processing.

Examples of Concern: Anger Management, Suicide, Depression, Eating Disorders Substance Abuse, Physical/Mental Abuse, and Other Personal Problems.

Counseling Services

Counseling is the major part of many duties performed by the school counselors at DCTS. Counselors meet with students regarding:

  • Personal concerns
  • Social concerns
  • Family concerns
  • Academic concerns
  • Crisis:   suicide, abuse etc.


Military recruiters request students’ names, addresses, and telephone listings as part of legislation under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA).  Parents can, however, “opt out” of providing such information.  To have your child’s information omitted from the list, please request in writing to the school counselor at your child’s campus that his/her directory information be removed from the list.

  • ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test) testing is offered once a year during the morning and afternoon session.    For more information on the ASVAB visit


Financial Aid


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