National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society is a nationally based, non-profit honor organization for outstanding students enrolled in occupational, or technical programs. These include high schools, private occupational institutions technical colleges or colleges with technical majors.

The purpose of NTHS is to:

  • “Reward excellence in workforce education”
  • “Develop self-esteem, pride and encourage students to reach for high levels of achievement”
  • “Promote business and industry’s critical work-place values – honesty, responsibility, initiative, teamwork, productivity, leadership, and citizenship”
  • “Help schools build and maintain effective partnerships with local business and industry”
  • “Champion a stronger, more positive image for workforce education in America”

Membership is limited to students who exhibit good character and leadership and who plan to pursue a career in their field of technical study.  Candidates will be nominated based on school involvement, a review of school records, and approval by Administration.

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