CIP: 46.0201

Start Building Your Career!

The DCTS Carpentry curriculum is aligned with Pennsylvania’s state-wide Program of Study and the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). DCTS faculty are NCCER and Green Advantage®  certified, providing students with opportunities to earn professional certifications while exploring new technique and trends in green building and LEED® design. Students learn building layout, framing, roofing, windows,
doors, and trim. On-site projects include using hand and power tools, building layout, floor, wall, roof framing, exterior and interior finishes. Once students successfully complete each module and pass their written and practical tests, their information is recorded in the NCCER National Registry. Upon graduation, they can continue their education through local union apprenticeships, a variety of partnering college programs, or the Association of Builders and Contractors.

Students should expect to invest approximately $400 in specialized tools, uniforms,  kits and reference books for this 3-year program.



Instructor: Thomas P. Reimer
Location: Aston Campus

Successful Students Need:

Algebra I, II, Geometry, Strong Mathematic Skills, Physics, Coordination, Manual Dexterity, Critical Thinking,Time Management, Judgment, Decision-making, Self Control, Attention to Detail

Career Opportunities:

with certifications, specialized training and/or apprenticeships

  • Cabinet Maker
  • Carpenter
  • Roofer

with 2-year college degrees

  • Architectural Drafter
  • Building Inspector
  • Construction Estimator
  • Project Manager

with 4-year college degrees or higher

  • Architect
  • Civil Engineer
  • Construction Engineer


  • PSHA Safety Certification
  • PA Skills Certificate
  • NCCER Core Carpentry
  • NCCER Level I
  • NCCER Level II