CIP: 12.0401

Helping People Look and Feel Their Best

Guided by industry professionals and an interactive, student-driven curriculum, Cosmetology focuses on the fundamentals of the profession. This enables students to confidently begin working with hair, skin and nails early in their training. Technical skill development blends with applied sciences to guide them toward a successful career as a salon professional. During this three-year, 1250-hour training program, students learn hair sculpture, color application, chemical texture and skin and nail procedures. We study a wide variety of scientific applications, such as chemistry of cosmetics, biology, human anatomy and physiology. Upon completion, graduates are fully prepared to take the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology examination.

Students should expect to invest approximately $400 in specialized tools, uniforms, kits and reference books for this 3-year program.



Instructor: Jen Travaglini, Rachel Moir, Barbara McGinnis, Veronica Stunzi
Location: Aston Campus, Folcroft Campus, Upper Darby HS

Successful Students Need:

Algebra l, Biology, Chemistry, English, Reading Comprehension skills, Computer skills Active listening/ Speaking skills, Social Perceptiveness, Manual Dexterity

Career Opportunities:

  • Hair Stylist
  • Skin Care Specialist
  • Make-up Artist
  • Nail Technician

with 2-year college degrees

  • Business owner Salon/Spa Manager

Beauty/Fashion Writer,Product Line Research/Development, Sales Executive


  • PA Cosmetology License PA Cosmetology Teacher's License (Adult Students Only)

Advanced Credits: